River Island in LA

Not only did they produce one of our favourite high street spring summer collections this year, River Island have a sun-bleached, irreverent and wholly enjoyable slice of Americana campaign video to back it up.

Set amongst the suitably chaotic Los Angeles landscape, we see a veritable host of gorgeous boys and girls laughing and strutting this season’s pieces to their fullest potential.

Featuring a bevvy of Versace-esque ‘downtown Miami’ looks, alongside the ever present themes of summer Bohemia and denim, things are juxtaposed nicely with a dash of monochrome minimalism.

Shot by the world renowned Ellen Von Unwerth and styled by the legendary Karl Plewka, it’s clear River Island are taking the British high street to the International big leagues.

We challenge you to watch this behind-the-scenes feature and not wish you were situated poolside and sunny side up.

Campaign ¬ Behind the scenes with River Island in LA
Client ¬ River Island
Reporting/Tracking/Placement ¬ Youtube InSight
Target ¬ UK/Europe
Status ¬ Delivered