What We Do

In the land of internet, it’s all about generating more traffic, more views, more subscribers, more followers and more interaction. But the question is: how? Well, that’s where we step in. Because we know the awesome sorcery of the viral and the delicate art of fusing it with a brand message.


For something to go viral it needs eyeballs, it needs the time of day, it needs people to click that share button with vim, with abandon, with purpose. Going viral could mean fame, glory, riches, success, immortality and all that good stuff. Not going viral… well, let’s not go there.


At Destruxion Media we will hunt and find your audience and set our phasers to engage—whether you want to find the sartorially sound or the gizmo-heads, we can create the perfect campaign to make sure your brand gets the targeted audience it deserves. And we’ll create and execute a social media strategy putting your brand front and centre in the conversation.


We have become experts in producing and seeding content and ultimately fostering viral engagement. We do this by ensuring that your content is consumed, remembered and shared with the people that matter. Through our network of industry insiders, bloggers, journalists and fashion PRs we’ll amplify your message across the far corners of the web.


Need some help? You can commission us to manage everything from concept to production to social media or you can just pick and choose the bits that best suit your needs.


It could be as simple as a dog in sunglasses or as complex as a skydiving badger doing Sudoku—we will find what works and send it out to the world for your brand to reap the rewards.


Get in touch—we can help, we can internet.