Viral Seeding Process

Our video seeding focuses on finding the right audience for your long form online videos and optimizing for social media impact. Our campaigns have been the main driver behind successful video campaigns for some of the most demanding advertisers in the world, ranging from political campaigns to Fortune 100 brands.

Our proprietary seeding technology and algorithms work 24/7 during campaign flight to make sure your videos are not only exposed to the right people but also to the ones who share them on to their friends the most. Meanwhile our trading team, specialized in online video planning and buying, stay on top of the whole process, making sure perfect results are delivered.

Optimization decisions are made during campaign flight both by our system and by our team based on data gathered in real-time directly from platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This ensures your campaign is always working at optimum to maximize reach and impact.

We offer guaranteed video views on platforms such as YouTube with full transparency of placements, audience targeting methods and video player engagement metrics.

Delivering scale at efficiency, we reach core audiences with your short form advertorials such as pre-, mid- and post-roll video inventory. Our team manages all aspects of the planning, buying, optimization and measurement of online video advertising campaigns.

We have our own in-house trading desk that buys video inventory directly through publishers, networks and exchanges using our own algorithmic optimization technology.

With an increasingly complex, diverse and cluttered web environment, brands need to protect their brand image and exposure online as they demand the highest quality inventory on the Internet. We guarantee this inventory on premium sites. Through our transparent site offering, we can target specifically and only a subset of premium sites. The premium site selection is large and growing daily, please contact us on premium sites for your targeted campaigns.

Example video advertising formats:

Long Form / Video Seeding (YouTube)
In-stream (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, 15/30 sec)
Direct Response / Interactive
Mobile and Tablets
Overlays, Takeovers
In-Banner and In-Page video ads

In addition to this we are also a Certified Google Partner, making sure our long form campaigns and video seeding is compliant with the Google/YouTube recommendations.