About Destruxion Media


Destruxion Media is a viral marketing agency dedicated to amplifying your message across the web. Our team of learned viral masters, whose knowledge ranges from entertainment to fashion, will help get your brand noticed amongst the daily onslaught of cute cat and baby videos.


Viral industry veterans, online video is our oxygen and we offer a service to cater for all budgets and for all stages of development.


From concept and script writing to video production and viral marketing, we can give you the complete package or just the missing parts.


We’ll create a custom campaign to meet your needs and deliver it to your audience through social media and the vast network of websites we partner with.


We know the audience and we know what they want to share. You tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.


We understand mainstream, we understand niche. Whether you want to communicate with a mass audience or smaller subset, we can reach them.


We understand women, we understand fashion. With a fashion-based commercial background in both the online and offline fashion worlds, we’ll devise a campaign that perfectly suits your needs.


We understand men, we understand digital culture. Whether you’re targeting sports fans, tech-heads or video game obsessives, we can tailor a campaign that will grab their attention and point it at your brand.