River Island Vogue Off

River Island have done it again with this jolly video. Featuring the same bevvy of talent as their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign, we see models Sid, Ryan, Marloes, Eliza, Jacob and Alejandra acting out a series of comical dance routines in accordance with a rather tongue-in-cheek narrative.

The fun bit? This is a wholly interactive concept. The high-street retailer are offering you the chance to become the models by launching the ‘Vogue Off’ in iPad app format on March 5th.

Simply place you and your fellow fashion loving friends faces into the program to see what you all look like busting some serious moves.

Fashion and technology are becoming increasingly entwined on what seems to be a daily basis, something Motilo are keen to encourage and champion in turn.

Luckily for you, us and the rest of the web, the internet is no longer a solitary place.

Campaign ¬ River Island Vogue Off
Client ¬ River Island
Reporting/Tracking/Placement ¬ Youtube InSight
Target ¬ UK/Europe
Status ¬ Delivered