Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review

Despite any argument that my wife may levy against me, I’m not a complicated guy. When it comes to movies if there’s a decent script, with serviceable actors and some interesting conflict or comedy I’m bound to walk out liking it- to me that’s kind of the least we all should expect from a movie. In addition to my usually easy to please personality I am also not a Trekkie, so take that as you will with my opinion about JJ Abrams latest film. That being said, I absolutely love this movie even if it doesn’t feel quite as new or fresh as the previous film.

Abrams sequel picks up the crew of the Enterprise still being lead by James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) as they explore and assist new life forms in the universe. Kirk is continuing is rebellious ways which gets him into trouble as he’s demoted by Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood), but an attack on the Federation by one of their own leads Kirk and his crew to pursue the threat. As they venture into territory they are not supposed to cross into the threat of war isn’t the crew’s most immediate danger.

I didn’t want to get too talky with the plot here because the less you know the better- something that Abrams and company did a great job of concealing in the trailers. Sure there were things I was able to deduct, but there are plenty of surprises and jaw dropping visuals to keep one on their toes and engaged from start to finish.

The fun and excitement have carried over in spades from the first film and the script isn’t just decent, I actually think it’s kind of great and performed perfectly by the cast, especially Pine and Zachary Quinto. The relationships are more developed this time around the chemistry in the cast is stellar, making the experience that much more fun and exciting to watch- not to mention emotional at points.

JJ Abrams has a brilliant knack for creating incredibly satisfying visuals and action which are present here once again. The opening scene kicks it off with the use of vibrant colors and carries all the way to the end when you see breathtaking shots of the Enterprise plummeting (it’s in the trailer and on the poster take it easy) through space passed Earth’s atmosphere. The space combat here is just as exciting as the first film and it moves from point A to point B so fast even at over 2 hours that at times it barely felt like I had time to catch my breath. Even during the quieter moments there is something going on keeping your brain active between action sequences.

The biggest addition to the proceedings this time is Benedict Cumberbatch- a character who’s true motives in the film were shrouded in mystery and rightfully so. His performance is fantastic and very intimidating and intense. Cumberbatch brings a great sense of physicality to his role making him quite the formidable foe for Spock and Kirk not to mention

If I had any real complaint about STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS it’s simply that the first one set expectations so high that by being equally as great it just doesn’t seem as new or daring. Granted the film takes some pretty bold moves and excels on so many levels that it’s pretty hard for me to say I don’t like it more than Abrams first effort in the franchise. Trekkie or not STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is a funny and incredibly exciting popcorn action flick with more brains than most summer blockbusters.